Armavista JSC offers you international transportation of goods by road.


Portfolio of services:

  • transportation by road transport – refrigerated and tent semi-trailers
  • transport services around Central, Western, Southern and Eastern Europe
  • cargo transportation from EU to the Baltic countries
  • cross docking, warehousing, packing and other terminal services
  • the optimization of logistics supply chain
  • customer on-line service  (if necessary, we adapt our software to customer’s management software)




icon-trackMeans of transport we use:

  • tilt semitrailers, with a loading capacity from 89 cbm to 120 cbm
  • temperature controlled trailers
  • double deck refrigerators
  • two-three section refrigerators
  • isotherm trailers

icon-boxTypes of cargoes we usually transport:

  • food products (groceries, confectionery, soft drinks, perishable-chilled products)
  • deep frozen products (fruit and berries, concentrates, ice-cream, meat and etc.)
  • light and strong alcoholic drinks
  • medicines, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
  • building materials
  • wood, metal constructions, plastics
  • dangerous and not dangerous chemicals, fertilizers, household chemistry
  • house and interior accessories


We provide a professional and friendly service. Our prices are competitive. Our activity is insured. We are a financially stable and reliable transport company!



  • icon-services

    Transport services

     Transport services around Central, Western, Southern and Eastern Europe.

  • icon-doc

    Customs clearance

    Import – export customs clearance service from the European Union to Eastern Europe.

  • icon-draudimas

    Insurance services

    Cargo insurance services from all risks in one of the largest insurance companies in Europe.

  • icon-aptarnavimas

    Customer on-line services

    Customer on-line service with new and modern IT technologies and software.